The Isle of Wight Deer Farm

The Isle of Wight Deer Farm is located just outside of Newport on the Isle of Wight.

Natural Farming on the Isle of Wight for all to enjoy.

There are plenty of deer to see within our 334-acre farm, already home to 145 Red Deer and 61 Fallow Deer – a number which is continually growing as the calving period is in full swing.

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The Isle of Wight Deer Farm, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1YS

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Take a look at all of the fantastic experiences our farm has to offer!

Local Environmental Responsibility

We ensure we really do care for the environment surrounding us, with natural resources and local produce wherever possible. 

Locally Grown Produce

Locally grown produce and natural, bio-friendly methods of growing on the farm is incredibly important to us. You will get the full experience when visiting us.

Natural Methods at Heart

We only use completely bio-friendly methods of looking after our land. The environment really is at the heart of everything we do.

Stunning Scenery

Enjoy the rolling hills of the Isle of Wight Countryside in the heart of the Island – as well as stunning woodland, and of course plenty of deer.

Why the Isle of Wight & What is our experience?

After a four year search around the UK for a location to set up a deer farm, Juan L. Vicente -the sole Director of the newly constituted company-, visited Newclose Farm on the last day of his trip to the Isle of Wight. When he saw the farm he immediately realized of its potential, and what an amazing farm manager was taking care of just a few animals -among which were a few red and fallow deer- in a gorgeous scenery (actually the valley where the farm is located is called “Paradise Valley” and is unknown to most islanders).


Get Up-Close & Personal

About Our Farm

The Isle of Wight Deer Farm is 334 acres of stunning scenery and woodland where visitors can take in the sights with our beautiful deer – as well as learning about them.

Our Deer

The farm already holds 145 Red Deer and 61 Fallow Deer – which, whilst in the middle of birthing period – this is ever growing. The aim is to build the herd to 500 within 2-3 years.

On-Site Walks & Tours

  • Driven-Guided Visits
    Please do call us to arrange a driven guided visit to have an easy going experience around the farm in an exclusive tour with the farm manager who has extensive knowledge on the farm.
    Price: £15 per person (1hr tour guide)
    Maximum of 5 people per group.

  • Walking-Guided Visits
    Walking through a planned route with the Farm Director is the best way to learn extensively about deer without losing any detail, while being able to ask all the questions you like – and experience close ups to the animals. You won’t be able to feed them, but you will see them up-close when they are being fed.

    Adults – £5
    Children – £3.50
    Family – £14 (2 Adults, 2 children)
    (90min tour guide)

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The Isle of Wight Deer Farm, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1YS

Experience Stunning Countryside & Amazing Deer

The Isle of Wight Deer Farm spans an impressive 334 Acres of beautiful countryside in the heart of the Isle of Wight.