Tours of the Farm

Walking-Guided and Driven-Guided tours are available around the farm, for all ages to enjoy this area of natural beauty.

Tours Available

Driven-Guided Visits

Please do call us to arrange a driven guided visit to have an easy going experience around the farm in an exclusive tour with the farm manager who has extensive knowledge on the farm.

£15 per person (1hr tour guide)
Maximum of 5 people per group.

Walking-Guided Visits

Walking through a planned route with the Farm Director is the best way to learn extensively about deer without losing any detail, while being able to ask all the questions you like – and experience close ups to the animals. You won’t be able to feed them, but you will see them up-close when they are being fed.

Adults – £5 
Children – £3.50
Family – £14 (2 Adults, 2 children)
(90min tour guide)

What you can expect to find…

Stunning Scenery

Enjoy the rolling hills of the Isle of Wight Countryside in the heart of the Island – as well as stunning woodland, and of course plenty of deer. 


Bat boxes, toad boxes and owl boxes and a selection of other bird boxes, along with stacks of logs can be found across the farm to provide much needed homes for the wildlife.
Numerous ponds of great variety and size provide habitat for dragonflies and a large selection off water fowl, and those eagle eyed about you might even spot the newts in our nature pools.

Seasonal Plants

We have a range of wildlife that make up a diverse ecosystem around the farm: Marsh Marigolds flower in spring, mud wallows that the red deer have created, and many more.

Over the last ten years we have planted over 300 hazel whips in order to increase hazel nut production for the red squirrels along with at least 100 Beech tree whips .

Natural Wodland

We have 3km of hedge row planting to provide shelter for the livestock and habitat for the birds, with the aim of another 2km this winter coming.
Along the trip you might be lucky enough to hear the green and great spotted wood pecks busy at work as the standing dead trees provide a great habitat for a large variety of bugs that the birds feed off.

Red Deer

Red deer are currently the largest land mammal in the UK with males (stags) reaching up to 137cm at the shoulder and with a weight going up to 190kg. Adult females (hinds) can reach a height up to 122cm at the shoulder and a weight of up to 120kg.

During the month of June-July calves are born.

During the month of August the antlers reach the maximum apogee.

During the month of September the rut takes place.

During Christmas, Red Deer make for fantastic wintery pictures.

In February-March the red deer shed their antlers.

April through August the antlers grow with a velvet coating.

During the month of July-August fawns are born.

During the month of September the antlers reach the maximum apogee.

During the month of October the rutting cry takes place.

During Christmas fallow deer make for fantastic wintery pictures.

In March-April the fallow deer shed their antlers.

May through September the antlers grow with a velvet coating.

Fallow Deer

Fallow deer adult males (or bucks) go up to 94 cm at the shoulder and weigh up to 94kg. Females (or does) go up to 91cm at the shoulder and weigh up to 56kg. This places them in size between roe and red deer.

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